Dear jack, How’syour college life going? I am writing to you for sharing my college life withyou. It is so colorful that my college life is,which is totally different from the life in senior high or before. At the beginning of the first year, I triedto make friends with people around me actively and they were very kind and niceand we were excited about our new life in college. Then, many studentscommunities started to recruit new members, so I have my first interview of mylife. Lucky for me, I am accessed by the Student’s Union, which made me sohappy because I had never been in any student’s communities and it made me moreconfident than before. Also, I tried to run for monitor of ourclass, but I just became the vice monitor which was good. However, I found itdifficult but vital to keep a balance between my class activities and events inthe Student’s Union but I thought I had done well now. Study was still very important in college. What’squite different that nobody would force me to study or do anything, and theprofessors would leave as soon as the class was over. I had to force myself tofocus on my study, and ask myself to preview or review the lessons which weredeeper than before. However, I loved this life style because I knew that I wastrying my best to approach my ideal. This is my life in college and what aboutyours ?Best wishes, Li Ming


       Dear dad,Mom:

       You said you the rest of my life depends on me,you know my dream?I just want to bean ordinary person,ordinary people should live life.I want to be an editor for the magazine,buy a small house near the mountain and by the river,raising two cute puppy,two pots of open red gypsophila and morning glory.Each day should be like this,I get up at seven,eight,open the mailbox for reading the manuscript,and then open the mailbox to see electronic manuscript,tasting style and implication of thoseauthors,occasionally listen to new songs,and then in the QQ space sneaking food,afternoon walk the dog,drink a cup of Coffee,then their writing,everything is socomfortable and beautiful!

       Now?Examination must be before the high school entrance exam,and then afterschool,Work hard admitted to Peking University or Tsinghua?But I think that is not necessarily the best!I like the cherry of Wuhan University,Xiamen Universitydormitory,the beautiful scenery of the Tsinghua Yuan,but those who do notnecessarily have to enter before they can appreciate!

       We can have a family trip to Hainan Island together,and then go to Beijing to see thethe Great Wall,to Shandong,Dezhou to see,Shanghai shopping,these don't spend too much time and money,but it can broaden my horizons,improve my cognition.

       Life can not be plain sailing,many things are not listened to your warning can avoid,a lot of things to themselves to experience,we can really understand.Too much restraint will only make me more pressure,an occasional indulgence may be better.

       Referring now to the same thing - books,for books,is!Books can improve ouraccomplishment of Humanities and writing level,thank you to give me to buy so manyextra-curricular books,the mid-term exam composition results at the top of the class.But failed in the math test,dragged down by the total score ranking,let you down!But I will try to make the score really reflect their own strength!








       Dear Jerry,  What a pleasant surprise, the news that youand your parents are visiting Chinanow. How is your trip in China? I am writing to you for the purpose of invitingyou to give a few talks on student life and social life in your country.  I know that you are good at giving speeches.I would be very grateful of you if you could give a lecture on “Student Lifeand Social Life in Britain”to my classmates on Sunday, May 22. If this subject does not suit you, anyother similar topic would be welcome as well.  If it is convenient for you, would youplease drop me a line to let me know whether you can come or not? We could belooking forward to the opportunity to benefit from you.  Sincerelyyours,  Peter  亲爱的杰瑞,真是一个令人高兴的惊喜啊!听说你和你的父母正在中国旅游。感觉怎么样?我写信给你,是想邀请你来给我们谈谈你们国家的学生生活和社会生活。我知道你很擅长演讲。如果你肯在5月22日,也就是星期天为我的同学们作一个题目为“英国学生生活和社会生活”的演讲的话,我将感激不尽。倘若你感觉这个题目不是特别适合你,任何形似的话题也会受到同学们的欢迎。方便的话,回信给我,让我知道你是否能来,好吗?我们热切的期待着这个向你学习的机会。诚挚的彼得



       Then again I still enjoy working with ears waiting. On the university to truly appreciate the time the meaning, the seats have been filled. Queuing on the room is even more spectacular in the room was not waiting outside the room, a small poor, many people fear, for a long time, usually some extracurricular books, the flight of time. Know a friend, always have;concentration camp', I hope you can sit down to see; add a little angry, especially when the weekend ride back to the night train when it is uncomfortable, up to row for a long time,很高兴为你解答. She complained to me about the Yangpu is like a ', all the way across a few comrades began to chat with each other, koumo splashed others don', up another level, earplugs, will use the people with books, I think people will rush on the spot faint;t care, but also is the mouth froth splash talent for the 'long' originally in the imperceptibly I have grown up a year old. She grimaced, serious will also take some of the words back, left the bad eyes began to use the mouth to work, but there is too much,答案如下: Dear students. Always feel oneself is a deep understanding of the University, is still full of hope and fantasy girl, the twinkling of an eye is the second grade students. When the girls in the same bar the way you ask, I was dizzy, actually I also have deep feeling, waiting for the car just one aspect of it, the day break bad, just get on the bus when their turn:

       I'm glad to have the opportunity to write this letter to 。






       这里也是你学会这样做人的地方,要学会相互包容,多为别人考虑一下, 别把宿舍看作是以自己为中心别人为你服务的客室,要和宿管的老师们保持良好的关系,别对他们讲的话置若未闻.


       说了洋浦的好多缺点,但也有许多优点呀,这里学习环境幽雅,资源丰富,明净的教室,清新的空气,虽然上了大学后少了些高中时老师的严格要求和三令五申,但大学是一个竞争激烈的学习阵地,不进则退.确实上了大学后才切身体会到了“山外青山楼外楼”这句话的含义,我曾经也是一个老师宠爱的佼佼者,可是上了大一才发现自己如此平凡,要获得昔日的荣誉是何等容易呀!不过学弟学妹们切记一句话“keep on trying”,无论什么时候都不要泄气,跟别人比不了可以跟自己比要!我今天比昨天进步了多少,我们现在比过去提高了多少,我明天将会如何做才更好.总之,做某一件事都要认真,要对得起自己的付出,要战胜别人,首先得战胜自己,学习是一辈子的事情,别当作一种负担,培养自主学习能力.





        Hi, my name is XXX, and I am a student of xxx college. I would

        like to get an application for the International Management program that

        your school offers during this summer. I heard about this program

        through your school website, and I am very interested in it. As a

        business student, I would like to spend one summer to study aboard to

        learn more about how the other school delivery this course. Also, I

        believe I will gain a great experience in your school because the

        information that will be deliveried in the course is very helpful. If I

        am aepted, I will definitely e to your school and spend a summer

        right there. I hope to make some friends through this program and

        exchange our knowledge about International Management or even Business. I

        am looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks!

英语作文 假定你是陈红,根据下列内容写一封申请信

        Hello ,my name is chenhong.I have Learned from the Inter that the pany PHK C Recruitment administrator jobs.I think I have the candidates eligible for the job.I have work experience as an administrator.In college, I repeatedly get the scholarship, and published several papers. I also served as a leader, group secretary, has a strong anization and coordination. Strong sense of professionali *** and responsibility to enable me to any difficulties and challenges face the team.I look forward to the opportunity to interview with you.If I need to fill out the application form,Please tell me right now.That is very grateful of you





        Dear Sir,

        Having graduated from the Department of Business Administration at People's University of China in June 1999, I would now like to apply for admission and a tuition scholarship at your University for the fall semester of 2000. I would appreciate your sending me the necessary application forms for admission with information about financial assistance to your Department of Business Administration for an MBA degree.

        As soon as I receive your letter, I shall forward you all my supporting documents.

        I am looking forward to your early reply.

        Respectfully yours,

        某某 答案补充 1999年6月我毕业于中国人民大学工商管理系,现在我想申请在贵校2000年秋季学期入学和学费奖学金。感谢您给我必要的入学申请表格的,以及您的工商管理系MBA学位相关资讯财政援助大信息。




        Dear Miss Wang,

        I'm writing this letter to appreciate your help in my English.

        My English is not very good and I lose my interest in learning it. However, since you taught us, my English has been better and better. In your class, we can tell stories, sing songs, play games and do many funny things. I like your class very much and I am interested in English again now. Thanks for your help.

        Best wishes.




        A Letter to Teancher

        Dear Miss Liang,

        I am writing to thank you for your hard work for me.With your help,I make great progress in my study.A year ago,my study was bad and I didn’t want to learn,but you never give me up.You told me that I was clever.As long as I work hard,I would be great.In this year,you cared much about my study and helped me a lot.When I made mistakes,you always pointed them out and helped me to correct.Now,my study is much better than before,and I want to express my gratitude to you.Hope you everything goes well.

        Sincerely yours,


求 写一封关于申请当英语家教的英语作文

        Dear Sir,

        I am looking for a job as a English private tutor. I am a freelance jounarlist with many publications and all my written articles are in English. I have been teaching English to private students as a home tutor. I would like to treat this tutoring job as a part-timer. I am able to teach students from primary to university level. I had guided many student through CET6 or 8.

        I attached my cirriculum Vitae. I look forward to a meeting with you.




        Dear Offical,

        I am a normal student,but in money I am not a normal one ,because I am poor . I live in a poor family , but you konw , everyone wants to graduate from a good university , unluckily , I am so poor that I can't afford the money in learing ,so I need your help.




        A Letter to a Friend给朋友的一封信

        Dear Friend,


        How have you been recently? I miss you very much. Do you still remember me?


        To be honest, I'm honored to make friends with you. I still remember the days when we were together. As far as I know, you are the kindest person in the world. Once we were together, you always treated me as if I were your dear brother, so I was grateful to you in my heart. After you leaving, I always thought of you. Next time we have a chance to see each other, I will say "thank you" to you. Thank you for your kindness. Now I have got the meaning of my life.


        Although we are in o different places now, we are still together, because we are always heart to heart. I believe we can see each other again. Since we are always close friends as well as dear brothers. Because of you, my life is always so significant. Wherever I am, I will pray good luck for you.

        虽然现在我们在两个不同的地方,但我们依然在一起,因为我们总是心连心.我相信我们还能再次见面. 因为我们是亲密的朋友,亲爱的兄弟.因为你,我的人生总是那么的有意义.无论我在哪里,我都会为你祈祷好运.

        Last but not the least, I hope you can make it and have a bright future.


        Sincerely yours



        Professor wang:

        Hello, I'm li dong. I heard you this day to e home, hope you are free to e to our school to a visit. I hope you can teach us how to learn English well, how to improve the English level. About English this course, it is to make many of our students have a headache subject. Many students of English grammar, listening, oral English is not very good, I hope you can in these aspects to our some guidance. If you have time this month 10 words we will arrange seminars on that day the auditorium. Our school a few years this big changes, you e and we can all around the campus. If you are free on that day, I hope you can reply as soon as possible I news!!!! Thank you! I wish all well!

        Li dong

        On July 1, 2011









       Dear mom and Dad:

       Unconsciously, I have grown up from an ignorant little boy. I will start an independent college life soon.

       First of all, I would like to thank you for your kindness to my upbringing and education over the years.

       For more than ten years, you've worked so hard for me. You've arranged everything for me, including food, clothing and play.

       You care about me in every way. Mom and Dad, you've worked hard. Thank you!

       Dad and mom, I hope we can break through all the difficulties in life and share a better future together! Finally, I wish you: happy every day!

       Your son: shayati

       XX, 20XX






       It has been two years since I first got to university. Some of my classmates say that the college life is boring, because they have plenty of time but do not know what to do. However, from my point of view, the campus life in college is interesting and colorful as long as you make it meaningful.


       In the first semester in college, I didn't relax and I still worked hard as I was in the senior school. I usually spent two hours in study at night and I went to the classroom forautonomous learning.But the difference is that I have many extracurricular activities. For example, I went to the English Corner regularly on Tuesday night, in which I could practice my spoken English and make friends with common interests.


       Besides, I join the Student Union of my department. In the Student Union, I have a group of workmates who work hard together and support to each other. Actually, it looks like a big, warm family that we can share our lives together. During various activities, I realize the importance of team spirit that helps us go further.


       Finally, college is great stage to improve a student and show one's abilities. In college, I know more about our society and get more channels to explore the outside world. I realize that I am not only a student but also an adult who is preparing to step into the society.


       In short, I cherish my life in college campus and I will try hard to make it colorful as well as meaningful.


       参考答案一Last Saturday the weather was fine.Some students of our class went for an outing.We went there by bike.On the way we talked and laughed.How happy we were to have apicnic in the country.We carried some food and drinks with us.We enjoyed ourselves very much.

       二Yesterday evening,I went out for awalk with my mother.On the road,we met aforeigner.He asked me the way to the Hot Spring Hotel.I told him to walk along the road and take the third turning on the left,and then he could see the hotel.He thanked me very much for my help.I was happy Icould help him.

       三David,How are you?My name is Li Hua.I'm amiddle school student.I'm living in Shanghai now.I like collecting stamps.After school,I often play football or do some sports.What's more,I like English very much and Ican sing afew English songs.By the way,some of my classmates want to have their pen friends,too.Can you help us?I haven't been to any foreign countries yet,so Ihope I'll visit your country soon.Li Hua

       四Dear Lin Li,Next Saturday is my birthday.I'm going to hold abirthday party at home in the evening.It will start at 7:30.Would you like to come?I've also asked some other classmates of ours and some of my friends.I live at 70 Nanjing Road.You can take bus No.1 or No.34 and get off at the stop of Renmin Road.My house is just on the other side of the road.It's ared house with awhite door.You can't miss it.I hope you will come.Yours,Li Hua

       五Dear Tom,I received your letter yesterday.I'm very glad to know that you'll come to Dalian.I'm just going to have aone-month holiday after the exam.We can spend our holidays together.We can go swimming,go fishing and climb the hills and enjoy many kinds of delicious seafood.We can also visit our beautiful city and Ihope you'll love her.At the same time we may learn languages from each other.By the way,please call me and let me know about your flight number and the time it will arrive as soon as you get the ticket.I'll meet you at the airport.I'm sure we'll have agood time together.Best wishes to your family!Yours,Wang Peng

       六Tim got up late yesterday morning.When Tim hurried to school on his bike,he was suddenly hit by acar at acrossing.His leg was broken,so he was sent to hospital.The doctor asked him to stay there for two days.Tim felt sad and promised to be more careful.

       七May 6Sunday sunny Today Iwent to apark.When Iwas playing,I saw agirl.She was eating bananas.After eating,she threw some banana skins on the ground.I think it's abad behavior.I think it's bad for her to do that.We shouldn't do like that.We must protect our environment and make our environment clean and beautiful.

       八My name is Tom,I'm aboy of 15.My father is amanager.My mother works as an English teacher.I graduated from No.3 Middle School.Computer and English are my favourites,and I'm good at them.In my spare time,I like sports,collecting stamps and music.That is all.Thank you.

       九To:Johnbrown@yahoo.com FROM:dicksmith@hotmail.com Subject:A mtach Hi,John Brown,I have apiece of good news for you.Th ere is going to be afootball match on the school soccer field on September 20th.It will start at half past five in the afternoon.The match is between Class 1,Grade 2and Class 5,Grade 3.Would you like to go and watch it with me?I hope you will.Yours,Dick Smith

       十Thursday Feb 2nd Cloudy Isaw something lying on the ground on my way to school this morning.I found it was awallet after Ipicked it up.I gave it to the policeman because Iwas going to school and Ihad no time to wait for the owner.The policeman called the headmaster about it at ten o'clock.My teacher spoke highly of me in class.I was very happy.I will always do good deeds.

       十一Our teaching building is in the south of our school.It has six floors.On the third floor there is abig reading room,two computer rooms and three science labs.We can try out our new ideas there.The reading room opens from Monday to Friday.We often have English classes in the sound lab on the second floor.By the way,behind the building is agarden.We can grow beautiful flowers in it.

       十二At school,Fangfang studies English,Chinese,maths,history and some other subjects.Her favourite subject is English.She thinks English is very useful.After class she reads newspapers and stories in English.But she finds maths is difficult.Sometimes in class,she doesn't understand what the teacher says.She says she won't give up learning maths,and she will work harder at it.

       十三Dear Mary,Thank you very much for inviting me to your party.I am very sorry,but Ican't come.My mother is ill.The doctor has told her that she should stay in bed for several days.I'll take care of my mother.Thank you very much for sending such abeautiful postcard.I like it very much.I am going to put it on my desk.Could Ihear from you soon?Give my best wished to your family.Yours,Han Meimei

       十四It was March 8th yesterday.It was Women's Day.Wang Lei wanted to do something for his mother.He went shopping and bought alot of things.Then he went home and cleaned the room.He tried his best to do the cooking.When his mother came back,she was very happy.Wang Lei was very tired,but he felt pleased.

       十五Hello,everybody.Next Sunday we will go to visit the Great Wall.We are going there together by bus.Each class has one big bus.You should bring your lunch and some drinks because we will stay there for aday.You should wear sport shoes because you will have many mountains to climb.Pay attention!We will meet at 6:30 at the school gate.Come on time