1.初二英语作文:my vacation plans(我的假期计划)80字带翻译


3.六年级英语作文:假期安排 不少于40个单词,要有翻译

4.英语作文 我的假期计划




初二英语作文:my vacation plans(我的假期计划)80字带翻译

       The winter vacation will coming.and that's my plans for the vacation.


       1,Everyone know that health is the base of revolution.have a good health is everyone's dream,so I will do my best to do sports during the holiday.


       2,Study is also the important things during the holiday,I want to do some things what i like them best,and study hard hard everyday.


       3,Help my parents do something.I know my parents are both very tired during the daily life.I love them,they love me.So i will try my best to help them do some housework.Let them have a happy vacation.



       What a nicety holiday!



       Plan on winter vacation


       The winter vacation is not so far from us.there are lots of thing I have done while this vacation.For one thing ,I have my lessons reviewed,in order to improve the qulity of study.


       For the other thing,I wish I would be better after hard working with my course.At first, I must correct all my final examination paper.Secondly,I insist on reading English books and newspapers every day.I also keep on oral pratice.


       In my spare time,I will take an active part in activitise.I can gain the first hand imformations through the activitise which can help me to extend my knowlege.

       同时我还得坚持练习口语。 在闲暇的时间里,我将积极参加活动。这样我可以通过活动得到一手信息,已扩张自己的知识面。

       I'm sure this vacation will be the best one for me.Let me try!


       My Winter Vacation Plan


       Winter holiday is coming,and I have a plan about it.


       I get up at 8:00,then do the morning exercise in the park which is near my home,then do my homework,sometimes I watch TV,sometimes I play computer games,I think it is very good.

       早上8点钟起床,到离我们家不远的公园去做晨练。 然后回家做功课,不时再看会电视,玩玩电脑游戏。 我想这样的寒假一定会很有意义。

       During the holiday we will have the Spring Festival,it is one of the most important festival in China,we are very happy because we can have red packets,eat many delicious food,wear new clothes.


       So,I think this Winter holiday will be very happpy.I like it.


六年级英语作文:假期安排 不少于40个单词,要有翻译


       This summer vacation is very happy. I went to the countryside for my summer vacation.


       It's very beautiful there. There are green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals and kind people.


       It took me two weeks to do some farm work for my grandfather.


       Every day I write down what happened in my diary.


       In addition, I help my neighbor's children with their homework.


       I help them read English and improve their spoken English.


       Their parents are very grateful to me for that.


英语作文 我的假期计划

       My holiday

       Today,I'm planning to do some exercises on my summer vacation in order to make me stronger.If you ask what the summer vacation in my dream is ,I'll tell you traveling around the world is the only one dream I have.I'm interested in traveling,because I can meet lots of different people and can do some sightseeing in the places of interest all over the world.How interesting it is!I hope I can have two summer vacations in a year.



       The national day is coming soon. At that day, I would like to go to Beijing,Because I never have been there before. This year, we will have eight days off, so my parents decided to go to Beijing for a trip for my pleasure. Our plan is following.

        The first day, we will visit Tian'anmen square. On second day, we are going to go sightseeing. And on third day, we decided to go camping, and on the last day, we plan to retun home. I think it will be a best day, because my parents and I are going the trip together. And I hope that we have a good fun on the trip.


       I'm happy to have such a good summer holiday!Of course,I have many things to prepare.First,I need to make a plan about my holiday.I will do my homework 5 hours a day,and I want to read some famous English books to improve my English study.Then, I will see some funny comedies.Mr.Bean or Tom Hanks's movies all cool! They can relax myself!If I have enough time,I will go dancing and swimming! I wanna keep fit,you know!And,I will spend some time on my math.I always be careless on the math exam.I want to be careful!I really have a large number of things to do,maybe It's a bit busy and nervous.but I like this sort of life.I will try my best to do these tings!I believe myself,I can do all of them!It's nice to have this kind of courage!

       我很高兴能有这样一个暑假!当然我有很多事提前要准备。首先,我要为我的假期拟定一份计划,我每天需要有5小时做作业,还要读一些英语名著提高我的英语水平。然后,我还要看我最喜欢的憨豆先生和汤姆汉克斯主演的喜剧。这些会让我觉得很放松,我有足够的时间还可以去跳舞游泳,我想保持体形,,我学要花一些时间学习数学,我一向都很在意自己的数学考试,我希望自己对待考试认真。我有很多事需要准备也许有些忙碌和紧张。但我喜欢这样的生活,我会竭尽所能做好这些事!我相信自己我可以做好这些事! 拥有做好这些事的勇气感觉非常棒!


        我的寒假打算 My Winter Holiday Plans

        My Winter Holiday plans well. Winter holiday is coming. So what I am going to do? I am going to read English books,surf the Internet,play badmintoon every day。And first I am going to finish my homework 。In addition, I am going to leave Shantou for Xiamen with my family and we are going to stay there for ten days。And after we are getting there, we are going to eat delicious food,climb the mountains in the Jin Bang Park。That must be a lot more fun and we will very excited。How about you?What are you going to do when the Winter Holiday is coming?


我的寒假生活 My Life in Winter Holiday

        Ihave a great time during the winter holiday, because I enjoy myself as well asfocus on my study. As it’s known to all, the Spring Festival is the mostimportant in winter holiday that would occupy much time to celebrate it.Therefore, I finished my homework first, so that it won’t bother my enjoymentduring the festival. I finished my home work in one week. And I went shoppingwith my parents. We bought a lot of things, especially snacks and fruits. Then,it was the Spring Festival. We had a big dinner on the New Year’s Eve. Myparents prepared the big dinner and I could only act as assistant. The dinnerwas so delicious that I ate so full. In the next several days, my parents and Ivisited our relatives and friends or they visited us. Sometimes, we went outfor fun together. We children were always the most excited. Now, holiday iscoming to the end and I will go to school soon. I am so happy that I have awonderful winter holiday.


我的寒假 My Winter Holiday

        My winterholiday is coming to the end. It almost lasts a month, but I feel that I just havea week off. How time flies. I had a woderful vacation. Or I can say I had awonderful Spring Festival. The first day of my vacation, I started doing myhomework. Because I know if I didn’t work on my study now, I couldn’ t have agreat Spring Festival later on. So I made up my mind finishing my homeworkbefore Spring Festival. How wonderful the expected festival was coming. My housewas full of laugh and hapiness. My families and ralatives gave me some luckmoney and wished me make progress on my study. We also hanged out with friendson the street. When the atmosphere of Spring Festivel was fading away, theLantern Festival is coming. After that, I think I don’t have too much holiday timeleft. Two or three days later, I would go to school for my new term study. See,I was so happy that I feel I just have a week holiday.


我的寒假计划 My Plan for Winter Holiday

        Howtime flies. This term ends quickly and the winter holiday is coming. I make ageneral plan for it. Firstly, my teachers leave us some homework, so I mustearnestly finish them on time. I plan to finish them before the SpringFestival, and then I can enjoy the festival with all my heart. Secondly, I willspend some time with my friends. Generally, we study together but have littletime to play. During the holiday, we want to have fun together. Finally, I willvisit my grandparents with my parents, and then we will spend the SpringFestival with them. I haven’t seen them for a long time. I miss them very much.This is my winter holiday plan. What is yours?